Tapestry Data provides a full set of services to assist businesses of all sizes with data wrangling for projects of any level of complexity.

Data Collection


Data collection can be a tedious and time consuming task.  Handing this off to specialists using state of the art tools allows your organization to focus on value added analysis.

Tapestry Data's services include:

  • Automated data collection (e.g. API programatic access and web scraping)

  • Collection from "manual" sources (e.g. surveys, internet research, extracting data from emails, PDF forms, etc.) 

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Data Cleansing


The quality of your analysis depends upon the quality of your data.  Engaging experts to "clean up" your data will give you better data to start with.

Tapestry services include:

  • Detecting and addressing (by deleting, modifying, or flagging) incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicated, non-standardized, or improperly formatted data.

  • Purging/encrypting sensitive data not needed for analysis such as credit card numbers, or passwords

  • Verification of mailing addresses and  telephone numbers

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Data Profiling,

Merging & Migration

Whether you are transitioning from a legacy system to a new one, or you have questions about the completeness of your data we can help you.

Tapestry Data services include:

  • Profiling to determine accuracy, completeness, and validity

  •  ETL Extract, Transform, and Load) processes to move data from one system to another.

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Data Enrichment

Ensure the relevance of your information by filling gaps, standardizing formatting and keeping records up to date. 


Services Include:

  • Supplementing existing data sets with  commercially available data

  • Match scoring/setting match score thresholds to allow auditing of matches and duplicates.

  • Reformatting datasets

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Data Analysis

Need additional analytical resources?

Tapestry Data services include:

  • Analysis of data to identify trends, correlations and patterns and provide reports and data visualization

  • Use Cases:

    • Customer Behavioral Analysis

    • Operational Performance Analysis Sanctions Screening, KYC and AML

Custom Solutions

Tapestry Data builds customized software and work flow solutions for data management. 

Use cases include:

  • Human-in-the-Loop processes​

  • Data modification approval hierarchies

  • Data update notification and propagation systems