Work at Tapestry Data

Join an incredible team of highly educated, high-energy achievers who love our business and what we are building together.

Our Values

Jujitsu Training

Embrace Conflict

Expect to argue.  It's healthy.  Be prepared to sometimes lose arguments.  Check your ego at the door.  We are all after the same thing: the best solution.  

Study Group

Keep Learning & Growing

Plan to learn every day you work with us.  We take professional development planning extremely seriously.  We do not want people who are stagnant.  

Holding Hands

Embrace Empathy

The purpose of this business is to help people with their problems.  We want people who understand and care about our customers' problems and with the challenges the rest of the team faces addressing them.

Yoga Class

Work/Life Balance

We hope you get tremendous fulfillment from your role at Tapestry Data.  But, remember: you work to live.  You do NOT live to work.  

Sure, there will be times when individual heroics are needed.  But, if it becomes habitual, something has gone horribly pear-shaped and must be fixed as quickly as possible.

Modern Ballet


Our belief is that the best people thrive when they are given autonomy and creative control.  So, work when and how is most efficient.  Just get results because the reset of us are counting on you.  


Buddha Statue

Wisdom > Cleverness

We value long-term, holistic thinking over short-term, reactiveness.  

A few miscellaneous tips:

  • Think ahead.

  • Ask lots of probing questions.

  • Share information widely (assuming it isn't sensitive.) 

  • Provide context.

  • Fix the root causes of problems.

Open Positions